Your wedding Celebrant is going to have a huge impact on your big day. Long before you set foot in those adorable shoes you’ve selected, your choice of Celebrant will make or break that dream. How you choose your wedding Celebrant is, therefore, key to everything that follows.

Am I making this sound like a big deal?

Well, that’s because it really is! Yes, I had noticed I am a Celebrant. Believe me, that is part of what qualifies me to help you make sure you choose the right one. And it might not be me; and I am okay with that.

Let’s get started, before you make any more decisions about your day, and help you get this one in the bag. Here are my first questions, and these ones are for the two of you to answer.

  1. If we could have anyone (total fantasy time here) to officiate our wedding blessing or vow celebration, who would that be? And why is that (honesty here)
  2. What qualities or attributes of that person do we want in our Celebrant? Is it something about their voice, or is it the way they deliver their lines? Is it a physical thing perhaps or more about their style?
  3. What do we want them to specialise in, or at least have experience in? There are Celebrants for almost every type of ceremony or setting you can imagine. Be clear about what you want and you’ll find it easier to get to the right person.
  4. Whose wedding ceremony or blessing did we love? Ask them who their Celebrant was. A recommendation from a friend is always a great place to start.

Once you are clear about the answer to these questions, you’ll have a picture forming of who you’d like as your Wedding Celebrant. The next step is to find a few people and have an initial conversation.

Look at listings across several sites to see what previous clients have said about the Celebrants you find

One of the positive things we’ve all embraced since the lockdown, is the use of online platforms like Zoom and MS Teams, to be able to talk to each other face-to-face on line. Book a time to have a 15 to 20 minute online call with three potential Celebrants to get a feel for them.

I recommend you ask the following questions (and of course any others you have specific to your desires for your day):

  1. Are you available on the date we are thinking of and do you travel to that area. (there is no point in having a long chat if the answer to this is no).
  2. What do you consider your specialty and why did you choose it?
  3. What do you most enjoy about being a Celebrant?
  4. Will you help us write our vows and How do you feel about having a rehearsal?
  5. Can we see an example of a script you have written for another ceremony or an example of your writing?
  6. If we want a unity ceremony as part of the event, is there an extra cost for this and if so how much? (Handfasting, sand pouring, candle ceremony, tree planting etc)
  7. Do you charge any extra for travel and what about if we wanted you to stay over night?
  8. Can we speak to any of your previous clients to ask if they were happy with your work?
  9. What do you think makes you the right Celebrant for our wedding ceremony?
  10. What would you charge for everything we’ve spoken about and when are we expected to pay? (It is reasonable for a Celebrant to want a deposit to hold a date. Check what their cancellation policy is and if this is different for COVID).

Before you make a decision, notice what questions they ask the two of you. Are they interested in you? Do you feel as if there is a connection and that they like you? This is vitally important and while it is hard to tell on a quick zoom call, trust your gut.

Finally, don’t hesitate to ask for one more conversation before you make that final decision. Ask for a meeting in person if it’s practical, or another zoom chat to go over a few details. The right Celebrant won’t mind. The right Celebrant will be delighted.

I hope you find the wedding celebrant you’re looking for. If you think it might be me, I’d love to have that zoom and coffee chat. You can book it here. And if I’m not the right Celebrant for you, I may well know someone who is.

From my heart to yours


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