wedding ideas for 2023

Wedding ideas for 2023

There are many ways to make your big day unique. From including family or cultural traditions in the ceremony, to creating something new of your own. Indeed, helping you decide which ideas to include is a big part of making it feel really ‘you’. In this blog, I’m sharing some of my favourite wedding ideas for 2023. I hope they help you explore some ideas for your own wedding day, whether it’s in 2023 or beyond.

Some of my favourites:

  • Something Orange.
    Replacing the western tradition of wearing something blue, there’s been a big Indian influence towards orange for 2023. As a result, we’re embracing more bold, bright and positive colour. Brides traditionally wear safron or orange, to signify trust, love and sacrifice in Hindu ceremony. In addition, this tone of orange is seen as a combination of the happiness of yellow and the vibrant energy of red.
  • Woodland Setting.
    This wedding idea may feel like it’s been around for a while. However in 2023, the ceremonies are going to be more popular than ever. With everything crossed for a warm summer, more couples are braving the woods and encouraging guests to wear wellies.
  • Pet Inclusive.
    This has to be one of my top wedding ideas for 2023. Because our pets are family. Often, they are the only family member not at the big day. This wedding idea for 2023, which has been growing since covid, is wonderful. Your pet can be part of the ceremony, perhaps delivering the rings. Even walking with one of you down the isle. Arriving on a much loved horse, or a carriage pulled by goats have both been part of recent weddings.
  • Fewer Guests.
    This makes sense if you’re planning a wedding in 2023 or beyond. For the sake of the planet alone (check the carbon footprint of your wedding plans in this blog). It also makes the ceremony feel more intimate and allows you more choice of venue.
  • Sunset Ceremonies.
    Watching the sunset as you speak your promises to each other. Another spectacular way to create a truly memorable ceremony. If your venue is in a Dark Sky Zone, you’ll be able to stargaze with your guests too.
  • Glitter Ball Disco.
    Did someone say boogie? Who doesn’t love the idea of a theme for their day? Especially one that includes dancing! One of the most searched wedding ideas for 2023 on Pinterest, is ‘disco wedding’ and ’70’s disco wedding’. Consequently, If your idea of a PARTY is to get your guests up and on the dancefloor, this is for you!

How do you make your wedding feel special, if eveyone’s got the same ideas?

No matter what wedding ideas you have for your 2023 ceremony, making it ‘you’ is about the team you work with, the people involved in creating your ceremonyand your reception. Indeed, from the Celebrant to the Photographer, to the Catering Company, everyone will have ideas from their experience that will help make your day unique.

I’ve seen wedding venue dressers create four very different versions of the same ‘theme’ for couples who expressed their version of what that looked like. There are good reasons to follow popular ideas, including the fact many suppliers will be well prepared and experienced in sourcing and creating them.

Talk to the team you’re working with as early as you can about the ideas you have for your wedding day. Give them every chance to meet, and exceed, your expectations.

From my heart to yours

Dinah – The Grateful Celebrant. I also train others to become Celebrants as the Chief Training Officer for the Celebrant Coaching & Training Academy.

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