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Hi! I’m Dinah

The Grateful Celebrant

Life in Myddfai

I live in a woodland cottage, in the beautiful little village of Myddfai, Llandovery, with my husband John. His mum lives with us in a woodland home and we have Branston, Pickle and Lilly our dog and cats to keep us all company. This magical and mystical place has been a blessing in our lives and I feel so grateful to have chosen this path, just over seven years ago.

Living among the trees is such an integral part of our wellness and spirituality. I am a member of the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids, so being in nature is something we had always dreamed of. I love to carry out woodland blessings and ceremonies. We have a little hut in the woodland here, where guests can stay and experience the peace of living among the birds and trees. It’s called The Charcoal Hut, as John is a charcoal maker.

I have been working as a Coach, Mentor and trainer for almost 25 years and this experience has helped me be a better Celebrant. I am a good listener and have won awards for my public speaking. It is a privilege to be able to use these skills to help people express their love, and honour those they have lost.

My hobbies include music (both making and listening to it), baking, crafting and spending time in nature. I love to be with friends and enjoy hearing and sharing stories. My studies as a Bard allow me to develop my love of storytelling and I am an avid writer.

My favourite things are cake, cats, conversation, chocolate and coffee. And spending time with our wonderful, adult daughter who brings an enormous amount of joy into our world.


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