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The term ‘handfasting’ is thought to come from the nautical term ‘to make fast’. This means to tie a boat to make it safe. A Handfasting Ceremony was, therefore a way for the couple to make-fast their relationship. It has never been a legally-binding form of marriage; indeed Marriage ceremonies were seen as something only needed by the gentry, the wealthy few, to protect their wealth and future inheritance. As no such concerns existed for the poorer in society, they found creative ways to celebrate their love and make a commitment to each other in front of loved ones. 

Drawing on these ancient ceremonies, a modern handfasting ceremony can be whatever you want it to be. There are no rules. And we can have as few or as many ties as you wish. We can use ribbons, cords or living plants such as ivy. Friends or family can be included and there is no reason we can’t tie the hands of more than two people.


handfasting and unity ceremonies

From handfasting to sand ceremonies I can help you include any of the Unity ceremonies in a celebration of your relationship. From Sand Ceremonies to Candle or Ring ceremonies. We can even create a unique ceremony just for you. 

I have created handfasting ceremonies for the following celebrations:

– weddings
– vow renewals
– relationship anniversaries
– wedding anniversaries
– moving in together
– expecting a baby
– adoption
– two families becoming one 
– vows after partner gender reassignment surgery 

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handfasting & unity ceremony


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As many conversations and reviews as it takes to create your perfect Handfasting or Unity ceremony

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