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Handfastings and vow renewals

A handfasting signifies the bond between you, literally tying the knot. This ancient Celtic practice has been revived recently and the modern influences can bring fun to your service. A renewal of the vows or promises you made to each other can also be marked with a Unity ceremony and as a Bard, I do love to create beautiful ceremonies.

Pagan Funerals and Life Celebrations

Creating a pagan ritual to mark the passing of a loved one is a blessing in my work. Pagan rituals can include planting a tree, songs round a bonfire and even all night gatherings. There are no rules and we will work to create a bespoke ceremony together.

blessings and life event rituals

Rites of passage were traditionally marked with rituals in many Pagan groups. From naming ceremonies to blessings on a new home, I help you create a celebration that feels right for your family and your faith.

Pagan celebrant Dinah Liversidge

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Client feedback

“Thank you Dinah, we knew that a woodland ceremony would be special, but you made it magical. We loved everything about our ceremony and so many people commented on your delivery too. Can we book you now for the vow-renewal on our anniversary please!”

“Our tree planting ceremony, to mark the anniversary of David’s passing, brought a start to the healing we have all so desperately needed. Thank you Dinah, you’ve allowed me to start moving on from my grief.”

“The evening funeral you organised for Brian was beyond anything we could have hoped for. A proper send off that everyone was talking about for days.”

“From the moment we spoke with you on zoom for the first time, we knew you’d understood what we wanted. Thanks for an authentic and spiritual ceremony Dinah. You totally captured us and who we are. Loved every minute.”

I’d love to help you create the ceremony you are hoping for

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