blessings and

life event rituals

celebrating the moments that matter

marking your life’s key moments

creating a bespoke way to mark the occasion

I work with you to craft something that feels right for your occasion and your family. I’ll ask you questions and listen. I’ll probably drink coffee and eat cake. Then I’ll create a ceremony, a celebration for you and yours. And if you don’t love it, there’s no fee.

guiding & coaching all the participants

I’ll use my 20+ years experience as a trainer and coach, to help everyone who wants to take part, feel that they can. I’ll help them find the right words. In addition, my 15 years as an event manager means I can coordiante the ceremony with ease.

delivering a celebration that is authentically you.

There are no outlines or drafts for the ceremonies I create. They all start with a blank page and an open mind. If you want to make an occasion and the only thing stopping you is that noting feels like you, I’d love to have a chat.

i can help you create a celebration or ceremony for

Welcoming a new child


Reaching voting age

Coming Out

Recovery from illness

Life changing surgery

Buying your first house

Pregnancy announcement


Business anniversary

Achievement of goals

Getting the generations together

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